First game projects are typically over-scoped, ambitious and don't get finished, and mine was no exception: "Let's make my first game a roguelike", I thought. I fiddled with this on and off between 2016 and 2018, and it ended up becoming more of a technical playground for me to learn about game development in the browser. I uploaded it here to sort of archive it. Don't expect any more work on this.

It features:

  • animated characters
  • a turn based bump-to-attack system
  • a king slime that turns into many tiny slimes when it is defeated
  • picking up daggers to make yourself stronger
Release date Dec 31, 2017
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksStandalone, Source code


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I cant pickup the daggers, but overall an amazing game.

Very simplistic.


neat to see this archived thing :) i like the multi-tile enemies, don't see that a lot in grid-bases games (probably because of pathfinding headaches). i never saw any daggers though.

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Yeah the daggers are not guaranteed. I think there’s a 1 in 100 chance for a tile to spawn a dagger or something, and they’re only placed after walls and enemies when there are not that many empty tiles left.

The multi-tile enemies were a headscratcher, but someone helped me find a really elegant solution for it: They’re super fun. I still kinda wanna make something grid-based like this with, like, a 5 by 5 beast. Incidentally, although I did put it in an older version of the code, I don’t think the version I uploaded here has this pathfinding solution in it and the creatures just move around randomly because I fell victim to another rookie trope: I rewrote my entire engine from scratch at some point, and never got around to reimplementing pathfinding and goal driven behaviour.

I still feel drawn to creating a fun roguelike, although I would love to aim for something really compact in the style of Michael Brough (Hoarder was another attempt) and coding all this up was super useful in both learning how it could work and also taught me what a humongous effort it could be when overscoped.