This is my incomplete entry for the 7DRL Challenge 2020.

Get coins from fallen enemies. Pay 2 cents to get a random item from the gochapon machine (bump into it to pay). Use the items to survive!


  • Movement: WASD or arrow keys
  • Pick up & move upstairs: E or space bar
  • Use item in slot: number keys 1 through 4
  • Sell item in slot: shift + number keys 1 through 4

Special thanks

  • My partner supported me through the whole 7drl week and generally rules
  • The main character is very much inspired by the character art in  Caves of Qud, and I learned a ton about sprite design by staring at that game a whole lot.
  • Bookcase assets adopted from Kenney's awesome 1-Bit Pack
  • The game's color palette is the beautiful 16 pal by Arne Niklas Jansson


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Hey dude, i liked the game, the pixel-art and the machine dropping thing it´s pretty cool.

One thing that would make the game better it´s even more items, more interactivenes with the decoration or the room itself, bosses, and sounds or music.

If you have time i hope you can add those things because the game it´s very nice and that would be a nice addition!

Also i think i encountered some errors, First i can´t restart the game so i need to restart the internet tab for that.

Second the health items didn´t work, and when i use some items they dont dissapear as usual, outside of those issues i like the game, good job for this 7DRL!

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I'm happy you enjoyed checking out my little entry. I didn't get a chance to finish the project during the 7DRL. Because it's unfinished there indeed are bugs in there, and the game doesn't have any real start or end or pause menu. I would love to at some point pick it up and expand and juice it up.