Local multiplayer connect four in the browser, but you set the rules!

  • Board size
  • Amount of players
  • How many to connect

A stand-alone version can be found on https://dropin.joeri.me

Recommended rulesets

  • 8 columns wide: classic 4-in-a-row has 7 columns, which makes it quite easy for the player who goes first to win the game. With 8 columns, the board doesn't have a middle, and the game is a bit more interesting.
  • 4 players in 2 teams, 3 to win: gather 4 players and divide into 2 teams, or play with 2 people and take control of 2 colors each. Moves that help your teammate's next move and being able to postpone blocking a loss provide interesting situations.
  • 2 players, 3 columns wide, connect 3 to lose: A fun, odd inversion where you're forcing your opponent into a losing situation in a very constrained space. I added the "connect x to lose" mode after reading about one of the games discovered with Bluecap by Mike Cook. Check out their thread about it or play the discovered game.


  • Set up the game using arrow keys or WASD to navigate and change the rules. Select "start" and press enter to get your match going!
  • While playing, select a column using the left and right arrow keys or A and D, and press down or S to drop your piece.
  • Once the game has been won, press R to have a rematch with the same rules and Q to go back to configuring your game.
TagsCasual, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, party-game
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 7
LinksStandalone, Source code


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Wow, love it, great rendition of the game that's super flexible! Perfect for playing games with a younger student during private music instruction.